JULY 2018

“Mike and Dave say they can ship anything, and I’m pretty sure they can. When I told them I had 720 bricks to ship from mid-Ohio to the West Coast — each brick weighing 10 lbs., for a total of 7,200 lbs, (or just over 3 1/2 tons) — they didn’t flinch. The bricks, moreover, are antique, and although they’re strong enough to be used as pavers, they’re individually fragile. Still, the guys set about it with energy and good cheer, and as this picture shows, the bricks arrived on eight pallets, each with its protective wrapping clean and unscuffed. The corners are as crisp as the day they were packed. I’ve worked with Mike and Dave on a number of large. awkward shipments now, and they make sure I know all the options, including the risks and benefits of each — and they make every effort to minimize the price.”

MARCH 2014

We traveled from Cleveland to Mount Vernon yesterday to deliver our “treasures” to your PakMail business.  We were greeted by Jeremy and Mike who unloaded our items into your workroom and then explained the process and described exactly how the transport of my things would occur.

While my husband and I had lunch they organized everything, took measurements, decided on a freight “mover”, and had prices and papers ready for us when we returned. They went over the process again and answered my questions with great patience (most of the questions had already been asked and answered at least once). Jeremy was very reassuring and his attention to details and gift of description was very comforting.

We left our family treasures with Jeremy and Mike feeling very confident that all would be handled efficiently and especially with great care.  Thank You!


Shipped a large antique tv/phono/radio unit to Fla. Pak Mail took care of it all. No problems. Unit arrived in a timely manner and in good condition. Would use Pak Mail again.  The service in a word was “perfect”