Kenyon College Student Shipping, Moving & Storage


We are offering the following options for Storage and Shipping:

  • You may always bring your items to our store at any time. We are open Mon. – Fri. 9-5 and Sat. 9-1. You may bring items for both storage and shipping.


  • Contactless pickup at your dorm room. You can pack all of your belongings that you want stored or shipped and leave them in your room and PakMail will pick them up after your departure from Campus. Please clearly label all items “ship” or “store” and “For PakMail Pickup”.

The registration fee of $25 and all storage prices on our price list, CLICK HERE FOR PRICE LIST, include pickup, storage for Summer 2021 with delivery back to your new Fall 2021 housing assignment. Also available are PakMail’s packing tips. CLICK HERE FOR PAKMAIL PACKING TIPS. Should students not be able to return for the Fall 2021 semester due to the ongoing Pandemic you can choose to continue to store your items until Winter 2022 for an additional $15 per item, or have your items shipped to you.

Shipping and storage boxes are available for purchase at our PakMail store in Mount Vernon. Boxes are also usually available at the Kenyon College Bookstore.

Note: We do not take sofas, large chairs or recliners.


Pak Mail can custom pack and ship everything from your high-tech electronics and large artwork to fragile items and books.

We ship UPS, and Fed EX, Ground or Air.

If you have items you would like us to pack, we will be happy to do that at our store.  Pak Mail is located at 812 Coshocton Avenue (across from Kroger Gas Station), approximately 4.5 miles from Kenyon College.


Declared Value coverage for shipped boxes is standard for the first $100. Additional coverage may be purchased.

Register to Ship or Store

Once you are registered you will receive an email confirmation.

Our legal and insurance documents are available upon request.