Packing Tips

All boxes must be taped securely. Do not alternate the flaps. Close them flat and tape securely across the seams on the top, bottom and ends, as shown.

All boxes must be labeled with your name and your housing assignment for next semester. If you are going abroad or do not yet know your housing assignment for next semester, please indicate that.

Pack only belongings that can be shipped or stored safely. Do not pack aerosol cans, perfume, cologne, food or beverage items, hazardous materials or firearms. Do not pack money, jewelry, or any item that has monetary or special sentimental value.

Distribute the weight of your belongings among your boxes. Do not put all of your books into one box. The exception to this is the use of a 16x 13x 13 box with handles made specifically for books. These are available at PakMail.

Wrap fragile items in clothing or bubble wrap and place in the center of a box.

Fill your boxes completely (so items do not shift) but do not over pack. Boxes cannot be bulging on the top, bottom or sides.

Pack your boxes strategically using small items, towels, blankets, or clothing to fill all space so the contents cannot move within the box. Example – Books placed on the bottom of a box may shift if the box is turned upside down. This may cause damage to items that were placed on top of the books. Make sure the box is adequately filled so the contents cannot move.

Refrigerators – make sure your refrigerator is completely defrosted and dry. Secure the power cord with tape.

Microwaves – secure the glass plate in the oven or pack in another box. Secure the power cord with tape.

Roll rugs tightly and secure with tape in three places.

Make sure plastic storage containers, bins, and drawers are closed securely with tape.

We promise to treat your belongings with TLC and our storage area is immaculate and dry. However, PakMail cannot be responsible in the event of breakage or damage due to a customer packed box.

Packing Tips